BCPC Announces New Positions

BCPC new positions - header
portrait of Don Cann

The British Columbia Provincial committee is pleased to inform you, as previously announced at the BCPC AGM on 4 Oct 2020, that Mr. Don Cann is appointed Group Chair for the Interior Region. Don has a wide range of experience and excellent reputation as a communicator and leader. Whilst he has big shoes to fill, he has the utmost confidence of BCPC and we are positive he will lead the Interior Group well into the future. Don will remain LR for 222 Salmon Arm as required.

portrait of Peter Miedema

BC Provincial Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Peter Miedema as Thompson Wing Chair for the Okanagan. Thank you Peter for agreeing to step up! His passionate interest in the Air Cadet Program, communication skills and great working relationship with SSC’s makes him the perfect fit for this position!

portrait of Maggie Cheng

BC Provincial Committee is pleased to announce the appointment of Mrs. Maggie Cheng as Wing Chair for the Lower Mainland. Maggie has been active in the Air Cadet program since 2012, having 2 sons complete the program. Maggie served as an Executive Member of 655 Richmond SSC from 2007 to 2016 holding various positions including Chairperson. Maggie joined BCPC in 2016. She will be a great asset to mentoring the SSC’s.

portrait of Gary Gratrix

BC Provincial Committee is pleased to welcome to the Board of Directors, Mr. Gary Gratrix. Gary brings years of experience in the Air Cadet program having started his CIC career at 861 Silverfox RCACS, Abbotsford in 1982, working with 655 Richmond, RCACS, Richmond and 609 Steveston RCACS, Richmond, retiring in 2012. Michele Claveau, Director, VP Sqn Liaison is pleased to welcome Gary as Assistant Sqn Liaison for the Lower Mainland Group of SSCs. Gary will also be assisting Mr. Mike Symons as historian for the Lower Mainland area.

Thank you to all four of these BC Provincial Committee Members for taking on their new roles!!

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