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Air Cadet League of Canada
British Columbia Provincial Committee

The Air Cadet program operates within a partnership agreement between the Department of National Defense (DND) and The Air Cadet League of Canada (ACL), a civilian volunteer organization. The British Columbia Provincial Committee (BCPC) of the ACL is administered by a five person Executive committee under the direction of a  ten member Board of Directors. The Directors are elected by the members of BCPC at the Annual General Meeting. BCPC’s office is located at Boundary Bay Airport, Delta, BC, and its day-to-day operations are administered by a part time Chief Administrative Officer and a full time Financial Administrator.

There are currently 57 Squadrons in BC, geographically grouped into Wings, each with a  Group Chair and Wing Chair.

BCPC’s main areas of responsibility include:

  • The formation of new squadrons
    • One of the requirements for forming a Squadron is that the proposed unit has a Squadron Sponsoring committee. BCPC provides assistance, information and training in the establishment of the SSCs.

Providing training and support for Squadron Sponsoring Committees

  • BCPC provides workshops, on-line resources and training packages to SCCs as a whole, as well as specifically for chairs, treasurers and other committee members with particular responsibilities.
  • League Reps are the “face” of BCPC to the Squadron, providing liaison, support, training and trouble-shooting.
  • Wing chairs oversee and administer their Wings by providing training and support to SSCs and League Reps, and by providing support and resources to BCPC directors and coordinators in the fulfillment of their responsibilities.
  • Screening of volunteers is conducted by SSCs under the authority of the BCPC.

Assisting with the recruitment of officers and cadets into the program

  • The BCPC PR Director provides training to Squadrons as well as working with DND and the other Cadet services to promote and publicise cadet activities and programs

3 tow planes in a row

Maintaining our fleet of six tow planes and twelve gliders.

  • BCPC owns six 4-seat Cessna 182P tow/utility aircraft and thirteen 2-33 Schweitzer Gliders. In addition to providing the aircraft, the BCPC is also responsible for specific maintenance, engine overhauls and aircraft insurance.
  • For the past several years, our glider flying program has received generous financial assistance from the British Columbia Gaming Commission by way of its “Direct Access Grant Program”.

Effective Speaking 2017

Administering the Effective Speaking Program in BC.

  • The Air Cadet Effective Speaking program was established by the ACL as a project for the 50th anniversary of the Air Cadet Movement.
  • The Provincial Coordinator of Effective speaking provides training and support to Squadrons through workshops, on-line resources, and training materials, and administers competitions at the Wing and Provincial levels.

Processing applications for National Scholarship Courses

  • Cadets are provided an opportunity to be interviewed for courses such as Power Pilot, Gliding Pilot, Advanced Aviation Training in Airport Operations, Technical Training in Aircraft Maintenance, Advanced Aerospace Course and International Air Cadet Exchange.
  • Sponsoring Work Experience programs with industry partners to provide opportunities for Cadets to earn Graduation Transition Credits. The Air Cadet Foundation of British Columbia is a charitable society established to maintain and grow the Air Cadet Program in British Columbia.

For further information on the Air Cadet Program follow the link to the:  http://aircadetleague.com/ 

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