SSC Finances

SSC Finance Documents

The BCPC provides financial documents to assist Squadron Sponsoring Committees (SSCs) and their treasurers as part of their financial responsibilities as an Incorporated Society and registered charity.  These documents are designed to help SSCs and their treasurers maintain compliance with the Provincial Body, and to be able to operate in an efficient and timely manner.

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SSC Finance Videos

As part of the ongoing training and education of all volunteers of the BCPC and SSCs, the BCPC provides financial training sessions which are recorded and converted to YouTube videos. The links for all financial training videos are provided in this section.

Session 1: Introduction to ACC9 v2020 – 30 Aug 2021

Session 2: Getting Started with ACC9 v2020 – 30 Aug 2021

Session 3: Entering Transactions – 31 Aug 2021

Session 4: Reviewing Trackers & Tools – 1 Sept 2021

Session 5: Financial Reports – 7 Sept 2021

Additional SSC Finance Videos

T3010 Filing Session – 25 Jan 2021

LSA (Local Support Allocation) Training Ch1 Full – 22 Nov 2020

SSC Budgeting – 26 July 2020

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