Cadet Long Service Medal

air cadet long service medal

The Air Cadet League of Canada announced in January 2006 the distribution of the “Air Cadet Service Medal” awarded to cadets who have completed four (4) continuous years of honourable service with the Royal Canadian Air Cadets. The service medals are now available through the BC Provincial committee office.   Application forms can be faxed or emailed into the BCPC office to be processed.

The local Squadron Sponsoring Committees will make the medal available to current serving cadets free of charge. The medal comes in a cardboard presentation box with the undress ribbon beneath the black velvet underlay. A formal application and policy is now available. (ACC56)

BCF700 – ACC56 Cadet Long Service Medal Application

Link to the ACC56 Application on the SSC Forms page

BCF701 – ACC57 ACL Service Medal Application (former Cadet)

Link to the ACC57 Application on the SSC Forms page

Former cadets may purchase the medal including the undress ribbon through the local BC Provincial office or the  National office webstore for $28.75.  (ACC57 -Former Cadet)

The miniature medal will be available to current and former cadets through the National Air Cadet league Office for $17.25.

The Cadet Service Medal is gold in colour and bears the RCAC crest in either French or English. The ribbon for the medal is an attractive combination of blue and yellow and features an inscription box on the flip side. Included with the medal is a short undress ribbon for the cadet’s shirt as well as the presentation box.

The Air Cadet League of Canada Announces:    
Bar for Air Cadet Service Medal Now Available

OTTAWA – Beginning in March 2013, Air Cadets will be eligible to receive a bar for the Air Cadet Service Medal for each year of training completed beyond the four year qualifying period. A rosette will also be provided for the undress ribbon.

A Gold Bar, similar to that used on the Air Cadet League Service Medal, has been approved for issue to cadets who have completed their fifth or sixth year of service in the program.   (Cost  $6.00 per bar) Available for Current Cadets from the BC Provincial Office. The applicant must have completed the full year from the “Taken on strength” Date to qualify for the Bar & Rosette.

A Gold rosette for the undress ribbon is also available from the BC Provincial office for Current Cadets.  (Cost $4.50 per Rosette)

The process for ordering the bar is the same as for ordering the medal. Commanding Officers must confirm the years of service, using the ACC 56 form, and indicate whether they are ordering a new medal or just a bar. The Squadron Sponsoring Committee Chair must confirm the order and the completed form is send it  to the appropriate provincial committee. (BCPC)

Former Cadets who wish to purchase a Bar for their medal  or Rosette for their undress Ribbon will also follow the same process as for ordering the medal.  However, they must complete the ACC57 form, along with supporting documentation to confirm their years of service, and send the application to the National.

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