Scholarships 2020 – Deadline and YCF Scholarship


Air Cadet League of Canada 2020 Post-Secondary Scholarships

Taking into consideration the current situation caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are aware that some cadets may have difficulty being able to obtain all of the information necessary to complete the ACC64 form. The National Scholarships and Awards Committee postpones the date for submission of ACC64 forms to June 1, 2020.

Your request will be accepted even if some cadets have difficulty obtaining all the necessary signatures.

Good news! A new scholarship is available to all applicants this year: The “Legion National Foundation Post-Secondary Scholarship for Air Cadets”, which is valued at $2500.

Bad news: It is with considerable regret that for several reasons all related to the Corona Virus pandemic, The Young Citizens Foundation Scholarship is cancelling its Program for 2020.

Gilles Cuerrier, President National Air Cadet League of Canada Scholarships and Awards Committee

Air Cadet League Of Canada Crest

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