BCPC Manual

Please click the link above to download the Air Cadet League of Canada British Columbia Provincial Committee Policy and Administration Manual.

History of the BCPC Manual…

In an ongoing effort to provide information to the Squadron Sponsoring Committees, League Members and the Officers, the Executive of the Provincial Committee have undertaken a project to update the “Blue Book” or what we will now refer to as the:


The original “Blue Book” was first conceived in the early 1990s by the Directors of the Provincial Committee who recognized a need for instructions, guidelines and information to be readily available to the various levels of League and Committee members.

To all those Directors, Committee Members and Military personnel who assisted in the preparation of the first manual, I extend my deep appreciation for a job well done. I also want to thank the staff and Directors who have continued to provide manual updates. Over the years, this manual has been a key reference point for all those involved with the successful running of squadrons throughout the province.

Moving forward, the current directors recognized the need to upgrade the manual and to publish a revised version. In these times of “electronic information”, we will also include the manual as a component of our website. Publishing the manual on the website will also make the manual accessible to more committee members.

The manual is a “living document” and will undergo changes and revisions as required. The goal is to update the manual once per year, effective September 1 of each year. However, this does not preclude us from providing revisions during the year if a significant change is required.

It is hoped that the revised format will provide key information to all those that are involved with the Air Cadet Program.

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