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ACC9 – Air Cadet League of Canada ACC9 Forms

BCF200 – General SSC Forms

BCF300 – Screening & Registration for Volunteers

BCF400 – SSC Sample Letters

BCF700 – ACLC Forms

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Air Cadet League of Canada Forms

Please follow the link below to view the ACC9 Forms on the Air Cadet League of Canada website. This will open a new tab on your web browser.

ACC9 Forms

General SSC Forms

The BCPC provides documents to assist Squadron Sponsoring Committees (SSC) in all aspects of their responsibilities. These documents are designed to help the SSC maintain compliance with the Provincial Body, and to be able to operate in an efficient and timely manner as an Incorporated Society.

Screening & Registration for Volunteers

The Air Cadet League of Canada welcomes a large number of volunteers at the Squadron Level and in the Air Cadet Program as a whole. The Air Cadet League is responsible for screening and registering civilian volunteers. These screening forms and processes are a requirement for all applicants.

SSC Sample Letters

These templates are to assist SSC’s in creating assessment policy, and demonstrate how to inform parents about the assessment. The wording may be customized to meet the needs of the SSC.

ACLC Forms

The BCPC has provided these frequently used ACLC forms for quick reference.

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