Gliding Schedules

Gliding Schedule Directive

The gliding schedules are established well in advance of the training year and, once published, there is very little flexibilty to make changes. Squadrons are reminded that changes to the approved gliding schedule must be coordinated with your Gliding Wing Operations Officer, and must be approved by the J35 OIC Flying Training. Such requests will only be considered under exceptional circumstances. Contact information for the Gliding Wing Operations Officer with responsibility for your Wing can be found on the Gliding Ops Schedules published in the RCSU (Pac) File Repository.

Lower Mainland Fraser Valley Area Wings
2016-2017 Lower Mainland Fraser Valley Gliding Schedule

Vancouver Island Wing
2016-17 Island Wing Gliding Ops Schedule

Northern Wing
2016-2017 Northern Wing Gliding Schedule

Okanagan Kootenay Area Wings
2016-2017 Okanagan Kootenay Wing Gliding Schedule

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